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The insertion of a copper IUD within 7 days of unprotected intercourse has been shown to prevent pregnancy.

Copper IUDs as emergency contraception are 99.9% effective, and significantly more effective than using hormonal emergency contraception, like Plan B (which is 60% effective).

Looking for a clinician who can insert an IUD quickly for emergency contraception?

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Tips for your Emergency Contraception IUD appointment call

  • Let the clinic know that you want to make an appointment to get an emergency IUD
  • Discuss when you last had unprotected intercourse to be sure they can insert the IUD within the 7 day window
  • Ask about the cost of the IUD and discuss how you plan to pay
  • Ask if you should take over-the-counter pain medication like ibuprofen before your appointment to reduce possible discomfort during insertion


For Clinicians

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